Corporate DNA

, Biocomm

Founded in 1994, Biocomm is your proven partner for fully integrated manufacturing solutions and customized formulations, ranging from liquids to lotions to creams.


Offering access to industry leaders, state-of-the-art technologies and the best cutting-edge active ingredients, Biocomm® provides clients with fully integrated research and development, and CGMP-certified manufacturing capabilities that ensure effective, innovative and relevant products.

Harnessing the best active ingredients and technologies, and our expertise in product formulation and development, Biocomm has been successful in helping clients and partners build strong brands
and well-received bespoke products that make a difference in the marketplace.

To date, our clients’ brands and products can be found in independent and chain retail outlets like pharmacies, personal care stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, hypermarkets, hospitals,
government institutions, dental and medical clinics, cosmetic houses, and many other places across Asia. Essentially, Biocomm offers concept to marketplace capabilities. You focus on what you do best, we will do the rest.


Inspired by our founder’s bold vision to impact the world, benefit communities, and touch lives, Biocomm will continue to nurture an innovative spirit and build a committed and professional team that will passionately serve all our stakeholders. Biocomm cares deeply about the health of the planet and the end users of our products. To that end, we will seek out and form strategic partnerships that emphasise innovation, quality, reliability and integrity. Specifically, Biocomm looks to build up four pillars of our business:

  • R&D and Manufacturing
  • Technologies and Marketing
  • Consultancy and Training
  • Green Innovations

From leveraging on bio-science to actively pursuing bio-innovations, we are spurred on by our commitment to improve the quality of life, to build relationships that last, and a philosophy that focuses on doing what is right, Biocomm will strive and excel in helping clients develop strong and successful brands with great products that will make life better.


Impacting the World,
Benefiting Communities,
Touching Lives.

Our Innovative Spirit,
Committed Team and
Passionate Service.


Enhancing the Quality of Life through Robust Bio-Innovations and
Comprehensive Manufacturing Capabilities.

From Concept to Marketplace.

Our Core Values

We do all things in the right SPIRIT.
Because in the end, it is about people.

, Biocomm