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It took 20 years to develop Biocomm breakthrough nutrients.

Andrew Szalay discovered that every nutrient required its own unique peptide in order for it to be absorbed through the cell wall of the appropriate bio-carrier. It took much perseverance through trial and error before the right peptide sequence was discovered for each specific nutrient.

The Biocomm process utilises Nature to grow concentrated, natural, and complete nutrients in food form… a form your body recognises and appreciates. Biocomm presents the most effective nutrients available to improve your quality of life. From the inside-out, and the outside-in.

Our partner, Grow Company is a pre-eminent company in the movement back to natural products augmented by the best in innovation and proprietary technology. Together with Biocomm’s expertise in product development and formulation, we present a new generation of superior nutrients to bridge the nutrition gap. The source of origin of our products is U.SA.

Supplements are grown organically, and harvested as complete, food-form nutrients. More than 50 independent studies and published peer-reviewed articles show our Nutrients:

  • Are profoundly superior (up to 1600% better)
  • Do not cause trace mineral toxicity and stress

In contrast, the vast majority of vitamin supplements consumed today are made from synthetic,
laboratory-derived chemicals. They come in a form your body cannot readily accept because they lack the critical components found in food which are necessary for proper nutrient use within your body. Vitamins are living, biological complexes, not isolated chemicals. Taking the right form of vitamins
can make a significant difference to your health.


Our Goods Manufacturing Practice Process (cGMP) is certified by the United States Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act. We have also certified for the following:

  • Non-GMO Certificate of Compliance
  • Halal Certificate
  • Kosher Certificate
Research & Development

Formulation Development and Adaptation
With our experience and outreach, you will be assured of our capabilities to formulate new products that are at the cutting edge of technology, ensuring it meets ongoing market trend and product safety.

Laboratory Test
We work with our in-house and acredited laboratories for microbial testing and stability testing before placing the products on the market.

Safety Assessment and Safety Assessment Report
Our product formula and finished product application are reviewed as safe for use and signed off by Dr Alan Khaiat (Ph.D), Senior International Expert on Consumer Safety, Quality and Efficacy with the EU, The UN (ITC) and the World Bank.

Clinical Tests in France
To support advertising claims, substantiation, safety and efficacy, we can competently arrange for clinical tests out of Singapore.

Legalization and Documentation Support for Product Registration
We know the labyrinth of paperwork and procedures when you have a new product. We are never far from providing your business with the needful support and timely documentations.

Product Formulation
  • Made in USA
  • Encapsulation in 300mg and 500mg
Filling & Assembly

Filling capacity – capsule and soft gel for bottle range from 30pcs, 60pcs, 90pcs, 180pcs…

Our process complete with the following:

  • boxing and seal
  • labeling (auto)
  • batch coding with laser white or black ink
  • shrink-wrap and body shrink-wrap
  • sample retention program

Throughout the entirety of production, we remain steadfast on our processing standards:

Quality check and laboratory test on in-coming bulk materials and ingredients

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The investment in time and effort was well worth it as it birthed a whole new way of producing vitamins and minerals that are natural, highly concentrated, and vastly superior.

Andrew Szalay

Founder of Grow Company USA, the world's premier manufacturer of nutrients and cosmetics ingredients.

The Biocomm ideology comes closest to nature and you do not need to dose with mega grams because Biocomm products have both the message and messenger. They target the cells that need the nutrient. Conventional isolated nutrients, because they do not have the necessary co-factors, are poorly absorbed and are not targeted… with Biocomm, you will be getting greater benefit with less dosage.

Dr Massoud Arvanaghi

Vice-president, Grow Company USA. Collaborated on several peer reviewed scientific articles with Dr. George Olah (1994 Nobel Laureate). Co-authored more than three dozen scientific articles, reviews and patents published in major peer reviewed American and European Journals. Dr. Massoud’s research has led him into the fields of molecular biology, nutritional supplements, anti-arthritis and anti-cancer drugs. He has a direct involvement with the FDA, and is a member of American Chemical Society, Institute of Food Technologies and American Herbal Products Association.