In our continual quest to develop breakthrough products, Biocomm built on the prior collaboration and won the appointment as a key Asia representative for Grow Company – their nutrients are validated by noble-winning research, and proven to be profoundly different and superior to conventional nutrients. Through this collaboration, Biocomm’s clients and partners have privileged access to Grow Company’s scientific expertise and unique ingredients.


Working with scientists and experts from Grow Company (USA), Biocomm succesfully innovated and developed the world’s first Vitamin C Air Diffuser – with the global product launch in Tokyo.


With appointed Japanese partners, Biocomm’s environment care products are strongly represented in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan alone having more than 2000 retail points of sale.


Working closely with the client, Biocomm helped develop the only successful homegrown Singapore oral care brand. Competing with global industry giants, Biocomm focused on its core strengths in research and market savvy to identify and propose a niche; by not using the usual ingredients that everyone else used, but by focusing on what’s better and safer for the consumer.


Collaborating with top researchers from Evonik {Germany), Biocomm patented and leveraged on its ground breaking Antibac2K® solution to launch into the environmental hygiene and air quality sector. Antibac2K® solution effectively kills and removes bacteria, viruses, and malodors, while being non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


Biocomm established a range of specialist skincare products in Japan that are conceived and developed together with Japanese dermatologists and skincare experts. Recommended through specialist clinics and consultancies, this skincare brand is trusted and well-received in Japan to this day.