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Our Goods Manufacturing Practice Process (cGMP) is certified by the Health Science Authority Republic of Singapore.

Research & Development

Formulation Development and Adaptation
With our experience and outreach, you will be assured of our capabilities to formulate new products for you that are at the cutting edge of technology, ensuring it meet your market’s requirement and safety.

Laboratory Test
Our work include documented tests, in addition to our clients’ requirements.
Safety Assessment and Safety Assessment Report
Safety is never far from our sight; we have robust procedures and reputable independent partners that ensures sound products.

Clinical Tests in France
For more exquisite demands, we can competently arrange for Clinical Test out of Singapore.
Legalization and Documentation Support for Product Registration
We know the labyrinth of paperwork and procedures when you have a new product. We are never far from providing your business with the needful support and timely documentations.


Made in Singapore

Filling & Assembly

Filling capacity for liquid, paste solution:

Tubes ranges from 50ml to 120ml
Bottle range from 30ml, 250ml, 500ml & 750ml

Our process complete with the following

  • boxing and seal
  • labeling (auto)
  • batch coding with laser white or black ink
  • shrink-wrap and body shrink-wrap
  • sample retention program

Throughout the entirety of production, we remain steadfast on our processing standards:
Quality check and laboratory test on in-coming ingredients.

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