Our Facilities

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Our specialist staff has developed both complex and simple production setups focused on quality, cost effectiveness, speed, and flexibility to meet your needs.


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Governed at every step by SOP manuals and GMP guidelines, our processes are consistent and traceable.

Water is a key component in all formulations. We invest in top-of-the-line water purification systems and ultraviolet sterilization. Because of our oral care requirements, our water purity and quality surpass the highest standards.

We use jacketed, dual-agitation stainless steel mixing and holding tanks, as well as pumps, filters and other specialized equipment. While our equipment line-up is already extensive; we continually invest in specialized new equipment so that we can offer you a competitive edge.

Quality Control
We are particular about quality control at all stages of the blending process. Raw materials are approved for release by our Quality Control Unit before transfer to the manufacturing area. Each product batch is inspected at least three times – in the mix tank, in the hold vessel and during packaging. Documentation is kept that ensure specifications are met.

Filling & Packing

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Our extensive array of filling equipment include sanitary multi-head fillers embedded into high-speed packing lines, as well as lower speed fillers suitable for shorter runs. We can fill your product in any form factor, including flexible tubes, bottles, jars, airless pumps and spray bottles. The filling process is monitored at all times by our quality assurance staff for compliance to specifications – every product is evaluated for proper fill, color, fragrance, cap torque, label adherence and registration, and overall appearance, among other parameters.

Speed and Flexibility
Our processes allow for quick turnaround of small to medium size lots, as well as efficient production of long run sizes. This flexibility allows you to decide what is best for your market and supply chain strategy.

Cartoning and Palletizing
All products are inkjet-coded and can be induction sealed, labeled, boxed, or shrink wrapped. The completed product is packed into shipping cartons, stacked on pallets, and stored appropriately in our warehouse to await shipment.

We are CGMP-certified.

Offering access to industry leaders, state-of-the-art technologies and the best cutting-edge active ingredients, Biocomm® provides clients with fully integrated research and development, and CGMP-certified manufacturing capabilities that ensure effective, innovative and relevant products.