Dr Massoud Arvanaghi

Dr Massoud Arvanaghi, PhD

Vice President, Grow Company, USA

PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry in 1982 under the tutelage of the 1994 Nobel Laureate professor George A. Olah. Postdoctoral training in the study of advanced molecular science applications utilizing extreme environmental conditions at USC.

  • He had the privilege and honour to both studies and collaborate on several peer-reviewed scientific articles with Dr Olah. 
  • He is co-author of more than three dozen scientific articles, reviews and patents published in major peer-reviewed Scientific Journals. 
  • His continuing research efforts are concentrated in the areas of health, nutrition, food flavours, natural products, bio-fermentation, peptide, DNA/RNA synthesis, super acidic systems, toxicity, and environmental and biotechnological products. 
  • He is a member of the American Chemical Society, Institute of Food Technologies and American Herbal Products Association.