Our Partners

Our Partners Are Your Partners

Through Biocomm, you have access to industry leaders and recognized experts. We build strategic partnerships with top researchers and innovators around the world to ensure you have superior formulations that work and products that delight.

Strategic Partnerships

Biocomm is proud to announce our strategic collaboration with global companies that are premier leaders and movers in the industry.

Grow Company of USA : Established in 1977, their vision and passion is to add vitality to life. Grow Company is the world’s premier manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients, and dietary supplements for humans and animals. Their proprietary products are unique, very exclusive, and highly sought-after. Because of their ethical and quality standards, they are very selective to whom they supply.

Evonik of Germany : A global leader in specialty active ingredients with sales of more than €10.1 billion. Employing about 34,000 people in more than 100 countries. Evonik is one of the world’s top suppliers of high quality raw materials, additives and active ingredients.

Other Leading Innovative Partners

Other Leading Innovative Partners